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Nudge is at RC Show!

Nudge is at RC Show!

Next week, Nudge is at RC Show, Canada’s largest foodservice and hospitality event, taking place May 9 to 11. The 77th iteration of Restaurants Canada’s show brings together foodservice leaders from across the country to explore curated pavilions, over 250 speakers across 5 stages, and much more.

Be sure to visit us at booth #535, and don’t miss Nudge’s talk on May 10 at 12:45: “What Foodservice Workers Want.” In this session, Nudge COO Jordan Ekers explores findings from the recently-released Deskless Worker Report: Foodservice Edition and what this crucial data means for operators looking to deliver next-level guest experiences, drive location revenue, and tap into their workers’ discretionary effort.

See you at the RC Show! 👋

Nudge is at the RCC Retail Cannabis Forum!

Nudge is at the RCC Retail Cannabis Forum!

Next week, Nudge is thrilled to be sponsoring the Retail Council of Canada’s Retail Cannabis Forum. Taking place on May 3, this virtual forum brings together cannabis retailers from across the country to explore strategy, consumer insights, workforce challenges, and more!

Don’t miss Nudge’s sponsored talk at 2:20pm: Brand Experiences That Resonate with Your Customers, with Abacus Agency’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jeff Goldenberg. Our own COO Jordan Ekers will introduce the session and lead a lively post-talk Q&A.


See you at the RCC Retail Cannabis Forum! 👋

Upcoming live webinar: How to give your retail workers what they want

Upcoming live webinar: How to give your retail workers what they want

Long gone are the days when Employee Experience (EX) was just an HR play. Giving your frontline workers what they want – and need – to thrive at work is a clear path to better efficiency, performance, execution, and more. 

We’re teaming up with the National Retail Federation for an exclusive new webinar: Want to drive retention, revenue, and operational execution? Give your retail workers what they want.

Nudge is bringing together exclusive market research, real-world examples, and a decade of experience working with top retail brands to answer this critical question: what do retail workers want? Nudge COO Jordan Ekers is joined by Tania Walsh, Manager of Digital Communications Strategy at Telus, and Kathryn Williams, Manager of Retail Communications at Michael Kors to explore what initiatives and programs to implement to see a true impact, fast. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why retailers need to tap into the needs and wants of their workforce
  • Why workers crave a sense of purpose at work – and how to bake that into your EX
  • The importance of employee community and DE&I programs
  • How effective employee communication ties it all together

This is the webinar that retailers can’t afford to miss. Save your spot today!

Announcing Spark Session #3: Unscripted, not unprepared: what 2022 looks like for the frontline

Announcing Spark Session #3: Unscripted, not unprepared: what 2022 looks like for the frontline

The world is forever changed by the pandemic – but now it’s time to look to the future. And while it’s unscripted like never before, that doesn’t mean that organizations need to go into 2022 unprepared. We just need to improvise a little. 

We are thrilled to announce our final Spark Session of the year: Unscripted, Not Unprepared: What 2022 Looks Like for the Frontline. At this event, attendees will get an exclusive in-depth look at what deskless workers want – and what deskless leaders desperately need in 2022 – based on Nudge’s recently-released market research. And when we’re done talking numbers, it’s party time! Grab a drink and settle in for an exclusive comedy show by The Second City! 

Here are 4 reasons to save your spot at this Spark Session!

1. Get the insights you need to plan for 2022

An exclusive in-depth review of Nudge’s recently-released survey of 800 deskless workers and 300 deskless leaders will explore what’s keeping leaders up at night, what motivates workers, the state of deskless internal communication and upward feedback, and how leaders are investing in the employee experience in 2022. This session will help attendees interpret our findings and walk away with actionable tips to drive productivity, engagement, and revenue in 2022. 

2. Hear predictions for 2022 from a global thought leader

Wondering what next year holds? Enter Andrew Au. Hailed by Forbes as a “digital transformation expert,” Andrew is a renowned global thought leader on digital transformation and culture change. He’s worked with such companies as FedEx, 3M, Microsoft, and countless others to navigate the “now” and prepare for what’s coming next. He’ll share his thoughts on what the future holds for the employee experience, CX, operations, and much more. 

3. Celebrate your frontline superstars

This Spark Session, we’re celebrating the frontline workers that delivered this year. The employees that went above and beyond to help their organization rebuild and thrive when the lockdowns lifted. The employees that made a serious impact. We’re inviting all Spark Session attendees to nominate a frontline employee for our Cheers Award! Nominees will be entered into a draw to win the grand prize: two iPhone 13s (one for the nominee, one for the nominator) and a free pilot of Nudge for their organization! The grand prize winner and additional nominees will be announced live during this Spark Session!

4. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind comedy show by The Second City

This sketch comedy show was created exclusively for DESKLESS! Let’s kick back and relax after a year of many (MANY!) ups and downs with a live virtual performance by the masters of improvisation, the best-in-class performers at The Second City! 

Register today to save your spot at this exciting event!

3 takeaways from our on-demand webinar, The ROI of digital frontline communication

3 takeaways from our on-demand webinar, The ROI of digital frontline communication

We’re in uncharted territory as we navigate out of the pandemic into a new world. The demands on frontline and deskless organizations have changed – and these workers need support like never before. And that support starts with the technology that enables organizations to share real-time info and collect in-the-moment feedback to move quickly and stay agile in any situation. 

To explore the ROI of digital frontline communication, we recently hosted a webinar featuring special guests from Forrester. Guest speaker Forrester Senior Consultant Veronica Iles walked attendees through Nudge’s recently commissioned Total Economic Impact™ Study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, which included a three-year ROI of 484%. Then, Nudge COO Jordan Ekers and guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst of Digital Commerce, Scott Compton, discussed the trending challenges facing the frontline, and the role that technology can play in bringing these organizations into the “new normal.”

The webinar is now available for on-demand viewing, but in the meantime, here are our top 3 takeaways from The ROI of Digital Frontline Communication: 

1. The labor crisis is far from over – but the drivers behind it might be different than you’d think

The US labor participation rate is at its lowest point that we’ve seen since the mid 1970’s when women joined the workforce en masse,” explains guest speaker Scott Compton, Forrester’s Senior Analyst of Digital Commerce. “Deskless workers are having a harder time deciding to go back to that job. Potentially they’ve shifted to other lines of work while things were shut down. And whatever it was bringing them there before isn’t as compelling.” 

But the labor crisis facing frontline and deskless organizations isn’t just about a shift from workers. Compton also noted that the demands consumers are placing on retailers have also added to a strain on the workforce. “Store associates are actually having to do more on the floor than they ever were before. And then through cleaning and other regiments like that on top of it,” he explains. 

One additional angle Compton noted was impacting the labor crisis is pressure from consumers about how organizations treat their labor. “About 47 percent or so of consumers think brands should take a stand on minimum wage and roughly 37 percent say that fair wages help them determine where to shop,” said Compton. “So basically if you’re not taking care of your employees, your customers are eventually going to know about it and decide to shop somewhere else. So there are a ton of basic pressures on retailers right now.”

2. There’s been a post-COVID “major flush in communication tools,” but not all tools are created equal

When COVID hit, Compton explained, one of the first areas that really broke for frontline and deskless organizations was communication. “A feedback loop on those communication paths became very, very critical as doors were deciding basically to continue to stay open and what they needed to keep serving the customer,” he explained. 

However, not all communication tools are created equal. “Just because you can send an SMS message or an email or a push message, whatever it might be, does not mean that you have a platform that’s enabled to do the real work related to communications and getting in front of those frontline employees.” 

In other words: just because you have a method to share information doesn’t mean it’s the right one. “We have a stat that millennials and Gen Z workers will be 74% of the workforce by 2030,” says Compton. “And these folks have grown up digitally native, if not adopted them very early in their lives. And they have different expectations about the way that they want to interact with their tool sets at work. And we need to be evolving with them.”

3. To optimize the customer experience, focus on knowledge and information (through the right tech)

“So a little perspective on the US consumer right now,” Compton explains. “Roughly a third are increasing the frequency and the duration of their store visits – so not only are we going back into stores, but we’re staying longer, which is also a good sign. But roughly half the consumers are noticing that the stores seem under-staffed or they find it difficult to find associates.”

And that’s a problem, because according to Compton, the whole reason that consumers are going back in-store is to get answers directly.  “There’s still the consumer need to interact with a human being in the store environment, especially with real knowledge about the product and its use, and local trends. So there’s still a lot to be said for that specific location being a very strong brand presence. Even taking the transaction pieces away.”

Having the right communication tools in place can play a pivotal role in arming associates with the information they need to deliver on the in-store experience, especially considering that with the line between in-store and digital getting blurred, consumers are coming into stores with more information than ever before. “Consumers want ease and efficiency. They know the information is out there in terms of product data, and they expect those store associates to at least have the tool sets that they have in their hands when they come in the front door.”

Watch the full on-demand webinar here for more insights from Jordan Ekers and Scott Compton, plus a full review of Nudge’s recently commissioned Total Economic Impact™ Study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, with guest speaker, Forrester Senior Consultant Veronica Iles.

Announcing Spark Session #2: The ingredients of a high-performing deskless workforce

Announcing Spark Session #2: The ingredients of a high-performing deskless workforce

Oooh folks! Registration is officially underway for our next Spark Session, The ingredients of a high-performing deskless workforce

What’s this all about, you ask? This Spark Session is part of the inaugural event series of DESKLESS, the community for organizational leaders responsible for deskless and frontline employees. We believe that deskless leaders have been woefully underserved in terms of community, and we’re looking to remedy that, pronto. DESKLESS brings together executives who believe in the power of their people – and know there is a better way to enable employees to do their best work every day.

Speaking of doing their best work, let’s get into our next Spark Session, The ingredients of a high-performing deskless workforce.  

A high-performing workforce is a must for every deskless organization. It’s the difference between a successful promotion, and one that falls flat.  But what are the ingredients of a high-performing deskless team? How can you get the most out of your teams, even when you’re leading hundreds of thousands of workers? 

You just need the right ingredients (Eh? See what we did there?). At this Spark Session, we’re starting with a cooking demo and Q&A with Food Network superstar Tanya Holland. Then, we’re bringing industry leaders into a roundtable to share their secret ingredients (and lessons learned!) when cooking up star performers: 

📎 Rachel Huckle, Chief Retail Officer of Staples Canada

🪁 Sarah Jordan, Chief Executive Officer of Mastermind Toys

📱 Lindsey Goodchild, Chief Executive Officer of Nudge

Still want more? Here are 3 reasons to request your spot at this event: 

1. Get a primer in deskless worker performance

Walk away from this session with everything you need to build a high-performance workforce: the ROI of high-performing frontline teams, the telltale signs of low performance, and actionable tips on getting the most out of your teams. 

2. Learn how to cook with celeb chef Tanya Holland

Tayna will be showing attendees how to make one of her signature dishes, braised chicken thighs with barbecued white beans and scallions 🤤. Plus, she’ll also be answering your burning (ha!) cooking questions, and giving all attendees a copy of her book, Brown Sugar Kitchen: New-Style, Down-Home Recipes from Sweet West Oakland, after the event! 📦

3. All the DESKLESS community perks! 

Registering for this event gives you unlimited access to the DESKLESS community! You’ll be able to get to know other industry leaders in our networking breakouts during the event, and enjoy access to the DESKLESS app, which offers up even more networking opportunities, bonus content, lively forums, and more!

Space is limited, so request your spot today!