[WEBINAR] What’s the ROI of digital frontline communication?

[WEBINAR] What’s the ROI of digital frontline communication?

As the world navigates out of these unforeseen times into a new normal, what’s keeping you up at night? 

Operational efficiency? Employee turnover? Creating memorable customer experiences? No matter what the challenge facing your deskless organization, we have the answer: our live webinar, The ROI of Digital Frontline Communication.

Now more than ever, frontline and deskless organizations need to support their workforce. And that support starts with the technology that enables organizations to share real-time info and collect in-the-moment feedback from their most valuable asset: their employees. 

In this two-part webinar, we’ll start with guest speaker, Forrester Senior Consultant Veronica Iles. She will walk through Nudge’s recently commissioned Total Economic Impact™ Study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, to dive deeper into Forrester’s findings (spoiler alert: we got a three-year ROI of 484%!). 

Then, Nudge COO Jordan Ekers and guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst of Digital Commerce Scott Compton, will discuss the trending challenges facing the frontline, and the role that technology can play in bringing these organizations into the “new normal.” Topics will include the role of employees in achieving operational efficiency, and how better communication leads to quality customer experiences.

On Wednesday, October 13, see how effective frontline communication can deliver tangible outcomes across your organization. Register now to save your spot!

Nudge is at RCC Store this week!

Nudge is at RCC Store this week!

This week, Nudge is thrilled to be exhibiting at RCC Store, Canada’s biggest retail event of the year! We’re so excited to enjoy RCC Store’s jam-packed agenda filled with fantastic speakers and thought-provoking sessions – not to mention chat with retailers about some of the unique challenges facing the industry this year.

Be sure to stop by our booth in the Virtual Exhibit Hall to learn more about how Nudge can drive sales, better CX, and more! While you’re there, be sure to check out our latest brand video, and get copies of our latest guides.

See you at RCC Store! 👋

3 takeaways from Future Stores Connect

3 takeaways from Future Stores Connect

Another Future Stores retail conference comes to a close! The invite-only event for senior retail executives is a treasure trove of amazing insights about the state of the retail industry – and a peek at where it’s headed. 

Here are our top 3 insights from this year’s Future Stores Connect: 

1. Rebuilding retail needs to start with investing in the people that will bring retail brands to life

We might be a bit biased, but we loved our own COO Jordan Ekers’ Chairperson Opening Remarks about how employee experience drives memorable customer experience. One staggering statistic he mentioned was that customer Net Promoter Scores went up by 43 points when they dealt with a knowledgeable staff member. 

“If you think about how much change has happened in the world of retail, from new standard operating practices to customer journey, it really speaks to the importance of supporting your people,” explains Ekers. “And how that drives the lifetime value of your customers.”

But Ekers also pointed out that less than 50% of frontline associates believe their employers are supporting them with the tools they need. That’s a problem. Between the post-pandemic rebuild, heightened CX expectations, and ongoing labor crisis, retailers can’t afford to lose star talent because they lack a stellar employee experience. 

2. Customers are headed to stores for an experience

In the keynote panel discussion, Preparing For the Roaring 20s of Retail: Reimagining Physical Stores in a Post-Covid World, the conversation quickly moved to the importance of the in-store experience – how customers aren’t just coming into stores to quickly buy an item. 

“They’re there to talk to an associate, to get the help that they need, to have the engagement. The product knowledge given to them so they can purchase right then. They need it right then. If not, they’d be at home on their laptop getting it the next day from Amazon, or from wherever they want to order,” explained Janet Gray, Division VP at Office Depot. “We have really found that engagement is even more important now than ever. And that is that our associates must be as knowledgeable as possible, and exude friendliness and product knowledge. Because that’s what they’re coming in for.”

“Ultimately, what we’re seeing is that people really want to have an experience. A physical, tactile experience,” added Danielle DiMaiolo Rendini, Head of Retail at American Girl. “They really just want to experience the magic of our stores.”

3. The omnichannel experience is growing increasingly…omni

A common talk track for retailers is the relationship between ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores – many organizations are finding more and more ways to deepen the connection between the two. And for some retailers, the shifts that the pandemic forced on businesses actually led to new approaches to that omnichannel experience, especially from an employee point of view.

“We want the customer to shop where they want to shop,” explained April Breunle, Director of Retail Showrooms at Lovesac in the second session of the keynote panel discussion. “And it used to be a little bit of a rough point if they came into a showroom, got their great demo and then they went home and shopped online. Well now we’re like I don’t care where they shop as long as they shop. It could be in the showroom. It could be on the web. It could be at a Costco roadshow. It could be at a Best Buy Stop and Shop. So we’re really focused on meeting the customer where they want to be and training our teams to do that.” 

For Lovesac, that means shifting to an overall company revenue goal that’s less focused on channel – and training their staff to take on an omnichannel approach to service. “We cross-trained all of our showroom managers on what it is like to work as a customer service agent,” explained Breunle. “The showroom associate is now able to wear many hats other than just going into the showroom, opening it operationally and doing demos all day. Our teams are doing many other things now in terms of assisting the customer where the customer wants to be assisted.”

We never get tired of learning about the retail trends that are driving this industry, and what industry leaders see on the horizon. Stay tuned for more industry insights at upcoming events!

Introducing the DESKLESS 2021 Community and Event Series

Introducing the DESKLESS 2021 Community and Event Series

Today is an exciting day for Nudge. 

Today, we launch a community for you: frontline believers.

Who are frontline believers? We’re talking about deskless and frontline executives that believe in the power of their people. Industry leaders that know there is a better way to enable employees to do their best work, every single day. Until now, these deskless organizations have never had a community to share ideas, address concerns, and gain expert insight into how to set up their workforces for success. Deskless organizations have had to make do with technology, events, and communities that were really created for deskbound workers. 

But today, that changes. Nudge is thrilled to announce DESKLESS: the first-ever community and event series created specifically for deskless and frontline leaders. This fall, we’ll run our inaugural event series, DESKLESS 2021: Spark Sessions. These aren’t your standard B2B webinars or day-long digital conferences. Spark Sessions are part interactive experience, part networking breakout, and part educational session. Think tea tastings paired with industry leaders sharing their secrets. Cooking classes combined with roundtable discussions and demos. These are the events that will transform your workforce. 

Space is extremely limited for these interactive virtual events, so we invite all of our frontline believers to join the waitlist today to get exclusive early access. 

Nudge at NRF Retail Converge

Nudge at NRF Retail Converge

This week, Nudge will be going deep into the world of retail at NRF Retail Converge! This week-long event takes a multi-disciplinary approach to retail, covering everything from customer experience to supply chain logistics. The schedule is jam-packed with keynotes, speaker sessions, and a marketplace where Nudge is chatting with thousands of retail leaders about how employee communication drives sales, CX, retention, and much more. 

Visit Nudge’s marketplace booth today!

6 things we learned at The Millennium Alliance’s virtual assemblies

6 things we learned at The Millennium Alliance’s virtual assemblies

We always love an opportunity to talk with industry leaders about the challenges and insights driving their organizations – and The Millennium Alliance’s virtual assemblies last week didn’t disappoint. We spoke to retail and marketing leaders across a wide range of organizations looking to prioritize and invest in the employee experience in the coming month – and a few key insights came up again and again. 

Here are six things we learned at The Millennium Alliance’s transformational retail and CMO virtual assemblies: 

1. The labor shortage is real…

As businesses reopen and The Great Return brings employees back to work, the war for talent is leaving even top employers understaffed. There are a number of issues organizations are pointing to as the cause of this crisis: return trepidation, burnout, subsidies competing with minimum wage, and an increased focus on finding meaningful work, to name a few. To address the labor shortage head-on, organizations need to shift their focus to engaging and retaining the employees they do have. 

2. …and status quo doesn’t cut it anymore

For many organizations, the past couple years have kept them in survival mode, with a skeleton staff and band aid solutions to rapidly-changing protocols. But as the new normal emerges, organizations are ready to address, improve, and standardize their employee experience – and their employee communication process. As part of this new focus, organizations (finally!) are seeing that a one-size-fits-all approach to communication doesn’t work – their deskless and deskbound workers need very different tools.  

3. Scaling culture can be a challenge

We’ve all seen the stats around employee engagement as a driver of retention, sales, and performance – but scaling that company culture can be a challenge for frontline organizations employing thousands or even hundreds of thousands of workers that are distributed across the country or globe. Finding ways to keep a strong culture and forge connections with the frontline will be make-or-break for organizations in the coming months. 

4. The goal of employee communication is clear: revenue

Once upon a time, employee communication was a nice-to-have for HR departments looking to share intel on new programs and protocols. But now, organizations are seeing a direct connection between a well-informed frontline and higher sales. Particularly in frontline and deskless organizations, where employees traditionally have less access to standardized intel direct from head office, there’s a huge opportunity to invest in a communication strategy to boost product knowledge and share best practices that will empower associates and boost sales. 

5. CX is driven by EX

We are screaming this until our throats are sore, so it was great to hear industry leaders saying the same thing: happy end engaged employees provide the customer and guest experience that organizations dream of. And – here’s the important part – a happy employee isn’t just a well-paid employee. Employees want clear information, a sense of purpose, and a feedback loop so their voices are heard.  

6. The power of loyalty

Ah, loyalty programs. We’re talking a lot about loyalty programs with retail and especially marketing leaders, because of how much value is in the data – not to mention the customer retention it fosters. The challenge we’re hearing is inconsistencies in program deployment and in-store execution that can negatively impact that valuable data and customer retention. That’s where the associate comes in. The role of the frontline in mobilizing a loyalty program can’t be overstated – and that requires a robust communication strategy to ensure consistent information is getting to the right employees, at the right time. 

Proven ROI of 484%

Forrester Consulting's Total Economic Impact™ study found a 484% ROI with Nudge!*

*over three years.