About Nudge

Nudge is the industry’s most loved communications platform that empowers deskless employees and drives better business outcomes. Backed by the power of behavioral science and the highest user ratings in its category, Nudge mobilizes non-desk teams by providing the information, inspiration, and insights employees need to exceed expectations and stay connected at work.

We built Nudge because we believe there is a better way to support your workforce, and we’ve learned that first hand. We’ve worked on the frontline, and in the operating seat, and we know what it takes to empower employees to move your business forward.

You believe in your people,
and so do we.


Nudges delivered to deskless workers to guide their behaviors to drive better business outcomes.


Of Nudges Users believe that Nudge helps them better perform in their job each and every day.

Nudge-enabled employees deliver better brand outcomes


Higher conversion

In-store conversion increases by 8% when locations use Nudge.


Increased retention

Employee retention is 27% higher for brands that are using Nudge.


Point lift in NPS

Net Promoter Score is 29 points higher at locations with a lower employee turnover.

Our leadership team

Lindsey Goodchild

Co-founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Dessy Daskalov

Co-founder &
Chief Technology Officer

Jordan Ekers

Co-founder &
Chief Operating Officer

Rebecca Skvorc

Chief Financial Officer &
Head of People

Brennan Wilkie

Chief Revenue Officer

Proven ROI of 484%

Forrester Consulting's Total Economic Impact™ study found a 484% ROI with Nudge!*

*over three years.