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Get the insights and tools you need to ensure all employees and locations are prepared and ready to perform.

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A leading indicator of success

Here’s how Nudge drives revenue by maximizing workforce readiness and ensuring consistent execution during product launches, operational protocol changes, and other key events.

Identify unprepared teams – before it’s too late

Nudge helps operators determine what employees, roles, or locations are at-risk of operational challenges before a critical event begins. Quickly identify underlying causes, such as missing collateral, ineffective communication, and more.

  • Use confidential surveys to uncover concerns
  • Run location audits to monitor execution at scale
  • Leverage photo verification to confirm compliance
Workforce preparedness_uncover inconsistencies

Course-correct for operational consistency

With insight into which locations or employees are at risk (and why!), Nudge enables Operations leaders to strategically allocate management or supporting resources to engage at-risk teams quickly and easily.

  • Address knowledge gaps at the employee, location, or region level
  • Establish standard operating procedures
  • Enable managers to manage team tasks
Workforce preparedness_operational consistency
Workforce preparedness inefficiencies | Nudge

Avoid labor inefficiencies

Nudge mitigates labor inefficiencies associated with miscommunication and enables leadership to make data-driven decisions, ensuring limited resources and time are prioritized on the areas of highest impact.

  • Reinforce time-sensitive tasks
  • Use knowledge testing to identify gaps and concerns
  • Leverage in-depth analytics to uncover red flags
Workforce preparedness_driving revenue | Nudge

Maximize revenue

When teams are out of the loop, organizations can’t take advantage of key events, like promotions or launches, to their full potential. Fine-tuning operations ensures that no revenue is left on the table.

  • Share real-time information to keep employees in-the-know
  • Empower managers to share important announcements
  • Encourage best practice-sharing to iterate quickly

Everything you need to enable your people

With thousands of users on Nudge, we know what employees need to feel confident every shift.

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“This app can really bring together a team for a friendly competition all based on work. It makes you want to do better.”


“Nudge has boosted team performance and helps drive results in our direct to consumer sales.”


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