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Improve the employee experience

Build great experiences at each stage of the employee lifecycle and create lasting engagement across your deskless workforce.

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The leading platform for team engagement

With social mechanics and gamification at the core of the Nudge experience, our digital employee communication platform helps you achieve and sustain unprecedented levels of employee satisfaction.

User Satisfaction

Ideas Gathered

Encourage peer recognition

Fuel intrinsic motivation by enabling employees to recognize and thank colleagues for their positive contributions in the workplace.

  • Recognition pins
  • Lifetime achievements
  • Anniversary & milestones

Gamify performance

Create team challenges and friendly competitions between employees, rallying your workforce to work together towards a common objective.

  • Team competitions
  • Employee leaderboard
  • Points & rewards

Loved by our customers and their employees

Customers and users agree that Nudge improves employee engagement.

“An excellent app to engage ALL of our Global colleagues. Genius idea to incentivize and engage staff across the entire enterprise. I wish we had thought of this app years ago.”


“We use it exclusively to engage our staff who do not have access to desktops. We’ve seen a correlation between Nudge usage and improved NPS scores and product conversion rates (all boats rise together).”


Accelerate staff recruitment

Enable your workforce to recommend candidates from their networks by sharing a link to specific job postings, directly from the Nudge app.

  • Employee referrals
  • Featured job postings

Digitize onboarding

Create a consistent onboarding experience and provide employees with the information they need to succeed in the first critical 30-60-90 days on-the-job.

  • Automated campaign
  • Onboarding content

Everything you need to enable your people

With thousands of users on Nudge, we know what employees need to feel confident every shift.

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