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The world is forever changed by the pandemic – but now it’s time to look to the future. And while it’s unscripted like never before, that doesn’t mean that organizations need to go into 2022 unprepared. We just need to improvise a little. 

We are thrilled to announce our final Spark Session of the year: Unscripted, Not Unprepared: What 2022 Looks Like for the Frontline. At this event, attendees will get an exclusive in-depth look at what deskless workers want – and what deskless leaders desperately need in 2022 – based on Nudge’s recently-released market research. And when we’re done talking numbers, it’s party time! Grab a drink and settle in for an exclusive comedy show by The Second City! 

Here are 4 reasons to save your spot at this Spark Session!

1. Get the insights you need to plan for 2022

An exclusive in-depth review of Nudge’s recently-released survey of 800 deskless workers and 300 deskless leaders will explore what’s keeping leaders up at night, what motivates workers, the state of deskless internal communication and upward feedback, and how leaders are investing in the employee experience in 2022. This session will help attendees interpret our findings and walk away with actionable tips to drive productivity, engagement, and revenue in 2022. 

2. Hear predictions for 2022 from a global thought leader

Wondering what next year holds? Enter Andrew Au. Hailed by Forbes as a “digital transformation expert,” Andrew is a renowned global thought leader on digital transformation and culture change. He’s worked with such companies as FedEx, 3M, Microsoft, and countless others to navigate the “now” and prepare for what’s coming next. He’ll share his thoughts on what the future holds for the employee experience, CX, operations, and much more. 

3. Celebrate your frontline superstars

This Spark Session, we’re celebrating the frontline workers that delivered this year. The employees that went above and beyond to help their organization rebuild and thrive when the lockdowns lifted. The employees that made a serious impact. We’re inviting all Spark Session attendees to nominate a frontline employee for our Cheers Award! Nominees will be entered into a draw to win the grand prize: two iPhone 13s (one for the nominee, one for the nominator) and a free pilot of Nudge for their organization! The grand prize winner and additional nominees will be announced live during this Spark Session!

4. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind comedy show by The Second City

This sketch comedy show was created exclusively for DESKLESS! Let’s kick back and relax after a year of many (MANY!) ups and downs with a live virtual performance by the masters of improvisation, the best-in-class performers at The Second City! 

Register today to save your spot at this exciting event!