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It’s time for another Employee Spotlight! Today we’re learning a bit more about Customer Success Associate Poppie Grant! 👋



Poppie Grant

Job title

Customer Success Associate 

#1 Nudge pup 🐶


Go-to work snack


What do you do at Nudge?

I ensure our customers are reaching their full potential on Nudge!

What did you do before Nudge?

I moved from working in traditional banking and followed my passion for innovation into the tech space, where I worked at a venture capital firm, Generation Ventures. That’s where I was first introduced to Nudge! Nudge had recently joined their portfolio at the time and I was very impressed with the product they delivered. I moved careers again a few years later and worked in luxury retail for Tiffany & Co, where I was reintroduced to Nudge. The company is a client of Nudge, and I became a Nudge user!

What would your career be in another life? 

Sommelier, for sure.

What’s your favorite thing about Nudge?

Okay, this is a little thing but I always look forward to it… We play music before our all-company meetings! You know the kind you can’t help but bob your head to. Always gets me in a great mood! 🕺

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I love to get outside and play tennis! I am always looking for a new person to play with…hint hint. 

How do you prioritize wellness and self care? 

I make use of our fantastic wellness benefits for treatment like massage therapy, to regularly practice self care. 

What unique perspective are you bringing to Nudge?

I was a Nudge user before I worked at Nudge! I was an end-user of our product at a luxury retailer. Given my work history at Generation Ventures, I was already familiar with Nudge so I took great interest in finally being able to experience the solution for myself as an associate at Tiffany & Co. Because of my curious nature, I asked my coworkers at the time their opinions on the product and the program. I quickly realized that the associates/end users are the ones who truly know how to make the product and program better.  

Once I saw there was a job opening at Nudge, I began to ask and listen to the innovative ideas my coworkers had from their experience on Nudge…  A job application and a few interviews later, I found myself reintroduced to Nudge from a different lens, yet again. I have now been at Nudge for over a year and I often think of my experience as a Nudge user to utilize my unique perspective to make programs within our portfolio perform at their best with the end user in mind. 

What makes Nudge unique?

We give deskless associates a voice and a place to be heard, all while having fun 😊