Driving discretionary effort in restaurant staff

Driving discretionary effort in restaurant staff

Driving discretionary effort in restaurant staff

What’s the secret recipe for increased profits and predictable expansion? Your people.

Driving discretionary effort | Nudge

The post-covid rebuild stage has led to a slew of new challenges: Supply chain delays and shortages, rising food and menu prices, changing guest expectations – all of which are seriously exacerbated by labor market staffing challenges.

But the solution lies in your staff. If you can retain and inspire, they’re going to help you control costs and improve operational efficiency. They’re going to help you keep labor costs down by avoiding voluntary turnover and morale concerns. They’re going to help you achieve more predictable successes as franchising and acquisitions hit an all-time high.

But first you need to inspire, align, and enable them to do so.

This on-demand webinar will share the secret to driving the discretionary effort foodservice organizations need to rebuild – and grow. Nudge COO Jordan Ekers will be joined by Axonify Chief Learning Architect, JD Dillon, to explore how effective frontline training, communication, community-building, and much more can drive the business outcomes every organization desperately needs.

Give your retail workers what they want

Give your retail workers what they want

Want to drive retention, revenue, and operational execution?

Give your retail workers what they want.

NRF webinar screen mock | Nudge

Long gone are the days when Employee Experience (EX) was just an HR play. Giving your frontline workers what they want – and need – to thrive at work is a clear path to better efficiency, performance, execution, and more. 

This is the on-demand webinar every retailer needs to watch. Nudge brings together exclusive market research, real-world examples, and a decade of experience working with top retail brands to answer this critical question: what do retail workers want? Nudge COO Jordan Ekers is joined by Tania Walsh, Manager of Digital Communications Strategy at Telus, and Kathryn Williams, Manager of Retail Communications at Michael Kors to explore what initiatives and programs to implement to drive the discretionary effort every retailer needs.  

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why retailers need to tap into the needs and wants of their workforce
  • Why workers crave a sense of purpose at work – and how to bake that into your EX
  • The importance of employee community and DE&I programs
  • How effective employee communication ties it all together

Build store teams that are ready for what’s next

Build store teams that are ready for what’s next

A retailer’s guide to building engaged store teams

Support your frontline across three key phases of engagement

Ebook - Nudge - Build store teams for what's next

Frontline teams play a more critical role than ever before and will be the driving force for retailers to preserve beyond the pandemic. Yet, only 48% of employees strongly agree their immediate supervisor keeps them informed about what is going on in the organization. In the race to capture market share, your staff will need the tools to stay engaged and aligned with your brand. In this ebook, we share best practices we’ve developed to support retail brands, and in turn, their store associates.


Download the 15-page ebook to learn:

  • How to engage your frontline to boost morale and develop deep brand loyalty
  • Training that increases operational knowledge and reinforces best practices
  • Three key metrics to help you evaluate frontline success

Ingredients for a thriving frontline: Gen Z with a side of mobile

Ingredients for a thriving frontline: Gen Z with a side of mobile

Ingredients for a thriving frontline: Gen Z with a side of mobile

Exploring the preferences of the emerging workforce you need to engage and inspire

Let’s mobilize your frontline

While foodservice continues to see exponential growth—sales are predicted to reach $863 billion by the end of the year—the industry faces rising staffing difficulties and a tight labor market.

To tackle these challenges winning brands will focus on creating innovative working environments that speak to their entire frontline workforce helping improve training, communication, and engagement, while also being a powerful competitive advantage in a tight labor market.


Download the 15-page ebook to discover:

  • The top staffing challenges in foodservice
  • Behaviors and preferences of Gen Z that help attract and retain top talent
  • How employee-focused mobile technology is helping brands conquer operational challenges while meeting the needs of their entire frontline workforce
  • The four key ingredients to building and sustaining a succesful mobile program

A preview of what’s inside