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Nudge staff to drive profitability

Exceed targets with campaigns designed to increase sales, reduce costs, and inspire performance.

Talk to an expert

Communications designed to impact your bottom line

Provide staff with timely and relevant information—from sharing suggestive selling and up-selling best-practices to reinforcing protocols for food wastage and loss prevention—and blow past profitability benchmarks. Inspire your workforce, level-up performance, and sustain business growth.

Drive sales

Boost conversion

Reduce shrinkage

Soft Surroundings

“Investing in the frontline when retail is in its current state is a winning game plan. You have to remove communication barriers between head office and the store itself.”

– Fred LeCoq, Chief Marketing Officer

lift in in-store conversion

staff response

Share priorities

Traditional ways of relaying information, including email, in-person huddles, and break room bulletins are no longer effective. Deliver targeted, bite-sized content through an app that your workforce will love, not just tolerate.

Surface what’s working

Now more than ever, the best feedback is going to come straight from the field, but your workforce needs a way to share their learnings and ideas in real-time. Gather insights from your employees with two-way communication and crowdsource best practices.

Scale success

Agility separates “good” from “great.” Today’s leading brands use real-time communications to identify proven best practices being used by top-performing locations and scale the successful tactics across their workforce.


How to prepare your staff for a post-COVID reality

Watch our 30-minute webinar featuring acclaimed brand leadership expert and bestselling author, Denise Lee Yohn.

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