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As the competition for talent in a tight job market intensifies, we’re hearing more and more about long-term strategies designed for optimal employee engagement and performance. At Nudge, we advocate for thinking differently about the frontline segment of your employee base, as they face unique challenges, yet hold great opportunities for employers.

Lessons from behavior science tell us that some of the most effective ways to make a meaningful connection with the frontline involve simple, positive ways of thinking about motivation, delivered through the right vehicle. In a recent webinar, we sat down with acclaimed practitioner Tim Houlihan to learn more about engaging, recognizing, and ultimately optimizing the workforce who brings your brand to life, every day.

To close the discussion, we summarized an approach for optimizing your frontline in three steps:

  1. Empower staff and drive results with effective communication
  2. Support clear and consistent communications by delivering the right information to your teams at the right time, increasing knowledge, engagement, and team morale.

  3. Build highly motivated teams by balancing intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  4. Align performance and promote the right behaviors by recognizing and rewarding employees for their contribution to business goals.

  5. Improve customer experiences with knowledge sharing
  6. Tap into staff knowledge and insights to increase social cohesion and create empowered, knowledgeable teams ready to execute on brand promise.

      A framework built on these three objectives is a thoughtful approach to engaging with your frontline, with the added benefits of increased employee satisfaction and retention. To learn more about each component, be sure to check out the slide deck and webinar recording.