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Don’t neglect your frontline associates – especially now. 

Unforeseen market factors are a potential risk to any business, but for experience-driven, multi-unit brands, an engaged frontline can be a powerful stabilizing force through times of uncertainty. Positive economic outlooks can shift in the blink of an eye, and it’s during these periods of volatility that you need your frontline associates to be even more aware of and aligned with company directives while feeling engaged enough to deliver on customer experience as a differentiator.

At Nudge, we advocate for the people who bring the brand to life every day and represent the “human factor” that customers are increasingly seeking. As global markets undergo extreme unpredictability, it’s more important than ever to invest in your frontline. Here’s why.

1. You’ll connect and empower your frontline workers

Frontline workers are often at an inherent disadvantage compared to desk workers when it comes to timely access to information and continuity of communication. These factors are amplified when head office is delivering important updates and policies to address uncertainties. The frontline workforce is one that is unable to take advantage of working remotely when health concerns arise, and frequently experiences lags in critical company communication when they need it most.

One of the most effective ways to reach and alleviate the concerns of your frontline is through engaging micro-communications, delivered through a mobile channel that users love. When you need all employees to be aligned on brand message, you can’t rely on email bulletins or second-hand updates to reach the associates who interact with customers face to face. If your frontline staff are going days without hearing important updates directly from head office, they’re likely feeling isolated and looking to leadership for inspiration and reassurance.

2. You’ll mitigate the risk of employee turnover

We’re already seeing the most competitive job market in decades, with hourly worker turnover at an all-time high. These are the realities multi-unit brands face even when markets are stable, but can rapidly escalate into risk mitigation during instability, exposing staffing issues that the organization wasn’t prepared for.

The experience-driven brands who endure the highs and lows in market and consumer confidence are investing in their frontline associates with a long-term view of sustained communication and engagement. They align their company goals with frontline communication and seek real-time feedback from the people in the field. Research from Nudge supports this investment, showing higher retention rates of staff at Nudge-enabled locations, with over 80% of users reporting that Nudge helps them do their job better.

3. You’ll capture higher sales

When foot traffic declines, it’s more important than ever for associates to make the most of each and every customer interaction. How can your frontline more effectively drive positive revenue impact at critical points of conversion in the customer journey?

We’ve seen leading brands deliver impressive lifts in promotional sales and offers, even during dips in consumer confidence. The ones driving the most effective initiatives are tying sales goals to their frontline communication strategy and delivering high-impact programs with the added benefit of increased employee engagement. For example, in February of this year, a global office supplies retailer using Nudge saw a 200+% lift of in-store sales in a key category, through a targeted mobile employee program. Arming your frontline with the tools they need to excel at their job will help drive consistency in results and customer experience through fluctuations in market conditions.

Nudge is the best way to keep our regions informed. It’s very difficult for our hourly associates to see the emails and other forms of communication that the team leaders see. Giving everyone the same opportunity to know what is going on in the business is crucial to our success as a team and overall company.

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