Nudging frontline employees toward higher performance


With roots in public policy, “nudging” is one of the most intriguing tenets of behavior theory gaining traction in the corporate world, prompting forward-thinking brands to explore the use of subtle cues and choice architecture for influencing employee behaviors and driving results.

We believe that the same can be applied to frontline employees. Hired to deliver very specific outcomes for a brand’s physical footprint, yet lacking the same access to timely brand information as corporate employees, frontline staff often struggle to execute on brand promise with customers.

When strategically designed nudges are delivered to frontline staff through their smartphone, there’s unique potential to reach, engage, and impact them in completely unprecedented ways. Learn about the benefits of frontline nudging and our approach to drive performance through behavior change in our 3-page primer.

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Proven ROI of 484%

Forrester Consulting's Total Economic Impact™ study found a 484% ROI with Nudge!*

*over three years.