Iconic Canadian brands leverage Nudge to engage frontline associates, creating safe, purposeful in-store experiences

TORONTO, Canada—Aug. 5, 2020—Nudge Rewards, the leading frontline communications platform, today announced that two iconic Canadian brands— Golf Town and Sporting Life—are leveraging its mobile solution to drive employee engagement and empower store teams to meet customer expectations for safety and service in-store.

Golf Town—the largest specialty golf retailer in Canada with 48 stores across the country—merged with the leading Canadian sports lifestyle retailer, Sporting Life, in Fall 2018 under the name Sporting Life Group. While maintaining separate operations, both brands place a high priority on engaging frontline associates, who play a critical role in creating memorable shopping experiences for customers.

When the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a need to create a safe setting for returning customers, Golf Town knew succeeding in this new environment would depend on their frontline workforce. With both customer and employee experiences at the forefront of every decision, Golf Town turned to its trusted communications partner, Nudge, to inform and connect store teams, rallying its workforce around the “new normal” and helping employees successfully navigate the evolving in-store environment.

“There was no playbook for navigating this challenging and uncertain time, but employee engagement undoubtedly played a key role in helping our store teams adapt and evolve at each stage of reopening,” said Chad McKinnon, President of Golf Town and Sporting Life. “The employee experience has always been a priority, especially during this pandemic, so to be able to leverage Nudge and reach our people when working remotely is a reality, we were able to help our teams stay connected and engaged, despite the disruption.”

With geographically dispersed locations and a variety of new COVID operating protocols, Golf Town leveraged Nudge’s peer-to-peer collaboration and crowd-sourcing capabilities to keep employees connected and amplify their voice in the organization. In topic-based forums, employees shared ideas and feedback, highlighting success stories for creating positive customer moments and giving the rest of the organization insight into the current situation.

Golf Town also leveraged Nudge’s real-time communication capabilities to quickly and easily communicate news of its reopening momentum with its workforce, acknowledging the regional managers, operations teams, and employees involved in ensuring its success. With timely announcements and peer-to-peer recognition, Golf Town kept their workforce in-the-know on reopening developments and recognized individuals for their commitment to providing a safe, inviting environment for customers.

Building on the three-year success of Golf Town’s engaging communication program, Sporting Life selected Nudge as its communication platform of choice earlier this year. The sports lifestyle retailer looks forward to leveraging Nudge’s capabilities to launch a new Sporting Life strategic plan, including evolving its workplace culture and creating strong, cohesive teams that support the brand’s vision, purpose, and mission.

“There has never been a more important time to create engaged frontline teams that are prepared to embrace change and rise in the face of adversity,” said Jordan Ekers, Nudge co-founder and Chief Customer Officer. “Forward-thinking brands believe in their people and see the benefits of creating purposeful experiences for associates and customers.”

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