Rethinking the in-store experience: An employee first approach


Empowering frontline retail associates is the most effective way to create an in-store experience that fosters satisfied customers, increased sales, and repeat visits. However, many retailers still face considerable barriers (like high turnover rates, broken training systems, and poor communication channels) which prevent them from building high performing teams.

The way forward is to rethink the in-store experience with an employee-first approach. In this report, we discuss five strategies which will help strengthen in-store teams through education, motivation, and engagement – ultimately creating a workforce capable of delighting customers and building authentic, long-term connections with a brand.

Download the 17-page playbook and discover how to:
  • Identify the right people for your brand
  • Develop happy, motivated, and more productive employees
  • Create authentic customer experiences 
  • Improve frontline performance
  • Evaluate and improve the program success

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