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Rethinking the in-store experience

A 5-step playbook that takes an employee-first approach for building high performing retail teams.

Let’s mobilize your frontline

With 85% of consumers choosing to shop in-store, brands need to empower and engage their frontline associates to create an in-store experience that fosters satisfied customers, increased sales, and repeat visits.

Our report discusses five strategies that help strengthen in-store teams through clear communication, motivation, and engagement, creating a frontline that are connected to the brands they work for and are committed to delivering a memorable customer experience.


Download our 17-page report to discover:

  • Top traits of high-performing employees
  • The power of frontline communication
  • Creating authentic customer experiences through empowered associates
  • How gamification and real-time interactions can improve performance
  • …and more!

A preview of what’s inside