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Deskless 2021

Introducing Deskless:
A community for frontline believers

Organizational leaders responsible for deskless and frontline employees have never had a community to share ideas, address concerns, and gain expert insight into how to set up their workforces for success. Until now. Introducing DESKLESS, a community designed specifically for deskless and frontline organizations. DESKLESS brings together executives who believe in the power of their people – and know there is a better way to enable employees to do their best work every day.

Coming this fall:
The first-ever event series dedicated to deskless leaders

It’s time to spark the next big idea that will transform your workforce. This fall, Nudge is proud to host our inaugural event series, Spark Sessions. These aren’t your standard B2B webinars or day-long digital conferences. Spark Sessions are part virtual experience, part networking breakout, and part educational session. Join us to sip, savor, and celebrate the DESKLESS community!


SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

Spilling the tea with deskless trailblazers

We’re letting ALL our secrets out! 🤭. First, enjoy a tea and chocolate pairing session with tea sommelier Katie Cyr. Then we’ll get to our tell-all with Tony Weisman, Advisor and former CMO of Dunkin’; Norman de Greve, CMO of CVS Health; and Lindsey Goodchild, CEO and Co-Founder of Nudge.


NOVEMBER 4, 2021

The ingredients of a high-performing deskless workforce

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind cooking experience with Top Chef and Food Network star Tanya Holland, then hear from industry leaders on the ingredients to building truly empowered deskless teams.


DECEMBER 9, 2021

More info
coming soon!

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Frequently asked questions


DESKLESS is a community for organizational leaders responsible for deskless and frontline employees. Our inaugural event series, Spark Sessions, offers deskless executives a chance to network and gain expert insight from industry leaders on setting up their workforces for success. In the coming months, we’ll build out more opportunities for our community to talk about the ideas, concerns, and trends shaping deskless industries.

Who is DESKLESS for?

The DESKLESS community is for executives and upper management at organizations with deskless and frontline employees – i.e. organizations where a vast majority of workers don’t sit behind a desk or have regular access to a computer to do their job. This includes retail, foodservice, hospitality, manufacturing, facilities management, and more. Deskless or Frontline employees in these industries have been woefully left behind when it comes to employee experience, communication technology, and other tools to help employees thrive – until now.


What’s a Frontline Believer?

Frontline believers are executives who believe in the power of their people and know there is a better way to enable employees to do their best work every day. They understand that the tools, processes, and communication channels used for deskbound workers don’t necessarily work for deskless workers.

How can I engage with the DESKLESS community?

The DESKLESS community lives in the Nudge app! Join now to speak up in our forums, get event news, network with other community members, and MUCH more! Download the app today in the App Store or on Google Play and use the code #DESKLESS when signing up!

How do I learn about upcoming events?

Joining the DESKLESS community ensures that you’re the first to know about new speakers, event announcements, and more! Plus, it gives you exclusive access to event registration. Because our events are designed to be experiences unlike any B2B session you’ve attended, space is limited to ensure that every participant gets the full interactive experience as intended. 

Will there be more DESKLESS events in the future?

Yes! The best way to stay in the loop on upcoming events is to join the DESKLESS community!

Will there be in-person DESKLESS events?

Yes! We are excited to plan larger in-person events in the future when it is safe to do so!

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