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NRF 2020:

Retail’s Big Show

Visit the Nudge Team at Booth #3106, where we’ll be discussing how retailers can leverage mobile technology to empower frontline performance. 


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Meet Nudge at NRF 2020

We believe in the power of your people and want to help you achieve your frontline performance goals. If you provide your email below, we’ll be in touch to set up time to connect on the show floor.

Discover how Nudge is reinventing team performance for the frontline workforce. With the combined power of a mobile app, behavioral theory, and powerful analytics, Nudge is helping leading brands guide, measure, and incentivize teams for performance.

Learn how Nudge can help you:

  • Build meaningful employee smartphone campaigns that resonate with today’s frontline workforce
  • Interpret valuable real-time data to effectively incentivize the right behaviors
  • Pinpoint frontline activities that are driving conversion and replicate across locations

Trusted by leading brands:

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“Nudge has helped us make the world feel a little bit smaller by connecting store staff from one coast to the other with meaningful branded content.”

Marc Galloway