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Inaugural Executive Spark Session

Join fellow executives across Nudge Rewards’ customer base for an afternoon of thought-provoking discussions and strategic brainstorming sessions, followed by delicious food and drinks at a trendy, King-West restaurant.


You are cordially invited to the Inaugural Executive Spark Session, an exclusive event for select, visionary Nudge customers. The small, intimate roundtable sessions will feature in-depth discussions around market challenges and provide you with the opportunity to provide feedback on Nudge’s strategic vision and product roadmap.

Join us for an afternoon of thought-provoking discussion and strategic brainstorming, followed by creative food and drinks a trendy, King-West restaurant!


2:00pm – Arrival

2:10pm – Welcoming remarks

2:20pm – Strategy session

3:00pm – Product session

3:40pm – Break

4:00pm – Nudge Program session

5:00pm – Dinner