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Brands driven by customer experience rely on their frontline staff to deliver on the heightened expectations of today’s consumers. However, when misaligned with company goals and initiatives, employees provide inconsistent levels of service and an unreliable customer experience—both costly to the business and its reputation.

At Nudge, we’re committed to keeping frontlines aligned with company goals. Working with brands in retail, foodservice, and hospitality, we build unique and impactful mobile programs delivering campaigns that iterate your goals and help towards conquering alignment, communication, and engagement challenges.

Using the following three pillars of employee campaigns—proven to influence the most important behaviors of your frontline—we help brands design campaigns that align with top company objectives.


Three mobile campaign pillars to impact your frontline


1. Cultural

Build connections with your employees through mobile content based on your brand’s mission, vision, and values, so that during every shift, staff are engaged and motivated to execute on brand promise.

Sample Cultural campaign: Drive awareness of mentorship programs and learning opportunities by using Spark to initiate conversations with frontline teams across your organization to gain ideas and feedback, while also driving awareness of talent development resources that are available.

2. Strategic

Deliver content that defines major corporate objectives and rallies frontline teams around them, enhancing the knowledge of employees, optimizing performance, and driving results.

Sample Strategic campaign: Got a loyalty program? Share call-to-actions and quizzes to test employee knowledge and reinforce its perks, keeping teams aware of new and existing benefits to use in conversations with customers and at checkout.

3. Tactical

Share targeted content on promotions, keeping staff knowledgeable and empowered to effectively execute on short-term goals and the overall customer experience.

Sample Tactical campaign: During seasonal promotions or limited offers, use Buzz to share videos on sales tactics and product information to improve the knowledge of your staff and empower them to drive a lift in sales.

Goals are more likely achieved when there is a clear and meaningful purpose to the work that your employees do every day. By utilizing a mobile program to translate and share cultural, strategic, and tactical content, you’ll be designing a high-impact communication strategy that aligns head office and employees to the company’s mission, values, and goals. The result? Empowered employees who deliver an exceptional customer experience, drive sales, and are committed to the brands they work for.