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We believe all employees should have the tools, knowledge, and support to do great work every day. But in larger organizations, it can be challenging for head office to know what their frontline needs – to tap into the workforce insights that should be driving the business. 

What are workforce insights? 

As we explained last week, workforce insights are the output of workforce analytics, the key employee metrics that can be tracked to make fact-based, data-driven decisions around improving performance, engagement, and more. 

Workforce insights are the stories this valuable data tells: “How engaged is your workforce? How reachable are your teams in uncertain times? How confident are your employees in executing current or future programs and strategies? These aren’t questions to answer with your gut. These are questions that can – and should – be answered with data.” (Check out our workforce analytics explainer for more on this.)

What’s so special about Nudge Analytics? 

Nudge Analytics helps organizations ensure that each and every interaction with their frontline is relevant and actionable. By analyzing the performance of their communication strategies, Nudge Analytics gives organizations the insights they need to improve employee engagement, productivity, and performance.  

At Nudge, we take analytics very seriously. We have four guiding principles that guide our approach to data:

1. Analytics should answer real questions 

We want to help organizations answer real questions, not just share numbers. Are my teams aware of the new marketing promotion? How knowledgeable are my teams? Where are there knowledge gaps and why? These are the questions we look to answer. 


2. Analytics should be actionable 

Data is only helpful if it prompts action. Nudge Analytics tells a story – and enables you to take action based on what that story is telling you. 


3. Analytics should be intuitive 

Nudge Analytics are organized in a way that enables anyone to analyze and extract meaningful insight quickly and easily. We’re always looking for ways to improve our user experience and make the process as simple as possible. 


4. Analytics should match your business 

Nudge Analytics gives you the flexibility to drill down into the data that matters to your organization. You can see how various levels of the business are performing while maintaining a birds-eye view to see the whole picture.

How does Nudge Analytics work? 

Nudge Analytics dashboards make it easy to assess workforce engagement, quantify staff confidence, and evaluate operational readiness for key initiatives and procedures. Our actionable recommendations enable organizations to proactively address performance gaps and pivot quickly. Armed with a data-driven view of your employee communications, feedback, and engagement, organizations are set up to drive better business outcomes. 

To learn more (and to see our dashboards in action!) speak with our team today.