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At Nudge, we love working with remarkable brands who understand how an engaged frontline workforce can be a game-changing differentiator in the customer experience. See how these three retailers are using Nudge in innovative ways to deliver on their brand promise.

Samsung drives device sales in Walmart by tapping into a new wave of brand advocates: With product distribution through big-box retailers, the global consumer device maker relies heavily on knowledgeable frontline teams to interact with customers and drive sales. But without a direct channel to reach associates selling their devices, Samsung needed an innovative way to accelerate training and increase product expertise.

SOFT SURROUNDINGS unites their frontline during rapid storefront expansion: Founded in 1998 as a women’s lifestyle catalog retailer, Soft Surroundings opened their first physical store in 2005 and have since expanded to over 70 locations across the US, continuing 4 consecutive years of double-digit store openings. For customers, in-store visits are a tactile experience where sales associates play a key role in bringing the brand to life.

How does Soft Surroundings manage to keep a consistent and delightful experience for their employees – and as a result, their customers – in the midst of major expansion? Find out more.

GOLF TOWN narrows gap between corporate teams and store managers/associates:
After filing for bankruptcy in 2016, Golf Town was faced with some big decisions. What followed was being acquired and downsizing store locations. During the period of transition, one of their key decisions was to improve the customer experience and they chose to focus on frontline employees, giving them a digital advantage.

Today, Golf Town is enjoying a successful rebirth as “Canada’s Home of Golf,” with strategic employee communication underpinning the transformation. Read their story.