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Big news at Nudge today: we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with C.A. Short, a leader in the recognition award services industry, to provide a comprehensive employee experience solution for organizations looking to improve retention and engagement among their non-desk workers. 

About C.A. Short

C.A. Short’s employee recognition programs, service anniversary awards, and safety incentive programs are designed to help companies reduce employee turnover and absenteeism – not to mention increase employee engagement, productivity, and safety performance. Their People Are Everything employee engagement platform consolidates various recognition programs into one easy-to administrate platform.

Nudge engagement points

Nudge and C.A. Short

Through its gamified approach to micro-communications, Nudge already makes it easy to engage deskless employees though team challenges and friendly competitions. This strategic partnership means that Nudge customers can gain access to C.A. Short’s vast reward network and fulfillment capabilities, which makes it even easier to manage the incentive and award aspect of their employee program. C.A. Short customers with a deskless or frontline workforce will have the unique opportunity to roll out Nudge’s digital solution to leverage its native points system as currency for redeeming awards and incentives – while also improving communication and engagement.

“Providing employees with the right incentive or award is a key component of any engagement strategy,” says Kevin Gergel, Vice President of Sales at C.A. Short. “Our partnership with Nudge will enable current and future customers to create employee engagement programs that are easy to manage, built for scale, and customized for their non-desk workforce.”

“Employee experiences are built on the foundation of great communication and engagement,” says Kyle Arnold, Vice President of Business Development at Nudge. “With C.A. Short, we’re excited to offer organizations a complete EX solution for increasing worker satisfaction and performance, while reducing turnover and absenteeism.”