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We’ve heard a lot about gamification lately. ¬†With¬†employee engagement becoming one of the¬†top priorities¬†for leadership and HR this year, it’s no wonder that #gamification is a buzzword in the world of work. Today, employees are spending more time using smartphones during the workday, which has opened up a world of opportunity for gamification. What’s the connection with mobile, gamification, and employee engagement? Mobile is a direct channel that can be used to engage and empower employees. When paired with elements of gamification (such as leaderboards, points, badges, and levels), it becomes a¬†powerful way to motivate employees to become¬†more¬†actively involved at work.

The key to increased workplace productivity is to engage employees, and gamification can help you get there.¬†Gamification is not about turning everything into a game.¬†It’s the application of game-design principles in non-game scenarios to solve a problem or to engage an audience.¬†As Brian Sutton-Smith said, “the opposite of play is not work. It’s depression”. Play and work¬†actually go¬†together quite nicely- gamification has the potential to¬†increase employee engagement by 48%¬†and to transform the workplace for the better.

To learn more about why microlearning is changing the workplace, check out the infographic below

nfographic gamification

The takeaway? Enterprise gamification has a significant role to play in engaging employees and driving behavioural change to achieve accelerated business outcomes. It’s already been proven to be effective in increasing workplace productivity, making employees lives easier, and making the workday more exciting.

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