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It’s time for another Employee Spotlight! Today we’re learning a bit more about Intermediate Data Analyst June Lee! 👋



June Lee

Job title:

Intermediate Data Analyst

Favorite apple 🍎:

Gala. It’s easy to find anywhere and the taste is pretty consistent throughout the year.

#1 Nudge pup 🐶:


Go-to work snack:

Something sweet to have with my coffee. Sugar for brain power!

What do you do at Nudge?

I make pretty boards showing Nudgers activities.

What were you up to before Nudge? 

Biology was my favourite subject in high school so I decided to major in neuroscience for my undergraduate studies. Toward the end of the studies, many people went to masters or to work in labs, but I realized that was not what I wanted to do. I was studying the human brain, so it naturally led me to be curious about artificial intelligence and machine learning. Also, working at a biostatistics lab in my final year introduced me to the big data world and lots of data-related tools. It’s interesting and rewarding to find hidden stories within a large pile of data. I decided to take it seriously, so I am now doing a part-time masters in analytics! 

What would your career be in another life? 

A librarian. I like tagging and organizing things. 

What’s your favorite thing about Nudge?

I love our deep work sessions. It really allows me to focus on my work and get things done. It also helps me to coordinate schedules because I can plan my own work during the deep work sessions.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I am doing a part-time master’s program, so I am mostly studying when I am not at work. I can’t wait to be done with it and have an actual social life.

How do you prioritize wellness and self care? 

I started to go to the gym regularly after the pandemic. Getting my body active helps me focus better at work and school, and it makes me feel more energized. I will probably use my Nudge annual wellness allowance toward a gym membership or boxing classes. I would also love to watch any musicals or visit art exhibitions when things open up more.

What’s your favorite Nudge memory? 

I am still very new to Nudge so my favorite Nudge memory would be my first week of Nudge academy. It was a very nice introduction to learn about all wonderful teams at Nudge and meet them. And I am looking forward to our Christmas party!

What unique perspective are you bringing to Nudge?

I am in the learning phase of my career. Switching my career focus completely from what I learned in my undergraduate studies really pushed me to get out there and learn as much as I can about the new field I am in. I am happy to be with Nudge where the company supports learning and each individual’s ideas. It’s a team that is growing with me, so it motivates me to work hard to see more exciting things happening with Nudge.

What makes Nudge unique?

Nudge is a company that cares about people. Nudge is focusing on people that are important, but often not getting enough of a spotlight. It feels rewarding to bring them to the spotlight and give them what they need to improve the work environment.