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It’s time for another Employee Spotlight! Today we’re learning a bit more about Lead Data Scientist Arash Askary! 👋



Arash Askary



Job title:

Lead Data Scientist

Favorite apple 🍎:


#1 Nudge pup 🐶:

Pico! Granted, I haven’t met any other pups yet 😅

Go-to work snack:

Roasted nuts!

What do you do at Nudge?

I play with data using statistics and machine learning. If I’m lucky, I’ll detect meaningful patterns that can be used to build valuable digital tools with!

What did you do before Nudge?

I’m a trained biologist. I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to study and conduct research at world-class institutions, including the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology and Harvard. Most recently, I was a PhD candidate at McGill specializing in experimental evolutionary genomics. I voluntarily dropped out after a year to pursue plan-B, which was to become a data scientist in the private sector. 

What would your career be in another life? 

Perhaps a private chef?

What’s your favorite thing about Nudge?

The culture! Everyone is a true professional who believes in our product & cares about what they do. 

What do you do when you’re not at work?

If I’m not hanging out with friends & family, I’m either reading or watching YouTube.

How do you prioritize wellness and self care? 

Daily meditation and frequent exercise. I spend my Nudge annual wellness allowance on athletic gear. Warm track pants and proper running shoes make a big difference!

What’s something you’re challenging yourself with right now? 

We’re currently working on some exciting innovations at Nudge, with data at the core. We have a lot of work left to do but I’ve learned a great deal and I’m so excited to keep working on it! 


What’s your favorite Nudge memory? 

Meeting the rest of the tech team in person for an outdoor social back in August!


What unique perspective are you bringing to Nudge?

Appreciating how difficult it is to design and conduct real-world experiments. Identifying a signal in the noise can be challenging and never guaranteed. That’s also what makes it so meaningful and worth talking about!


What makes Nudge unique?

The platform’s versatility. I find it fascinating how each of our clients use the platform in slightly different ways to meet their unique needs.