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It’s time for another Employee Spotlight! Today we’re learning a bit more about iOS Developer Alexandre Gravelle! 👋



Alexandre Gravelle



Job title:

iOS Developer

Favorite apple 🍎:


#1 Nudge pup 🐶:


Go-to work snack:

Bread 🍞

What do you do at Nudge?

I build virtual worlds

What did you do before Nudge?

I have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and before 2016 I was working in the Aerospace Industry as a Controls Engineer. I decided to make the move to programming during the fall of 2016. And since then and up to Nudge, I’ve been building my skills as a freelancer and working for a startup in Sherbrooke. 

What would your career be in another life? 

A geneticist with a degree in biochemistry. At one point growing up, I wanted to become a neurosurgeon.

What’s your favorite thing about Nudge?

We have amazing people working here!

What do you do when you’re not at work?

Breathwork, meditation, learning Spanish, training and watching Netflix. 

How do you prioritize wellness and self care? 

I think it’s the most important thing. I spent my Nudge annual wellness allowance on a nice, ergonomic desk chair.

What’s something you’re challenging yourself with right now? 

Last year was my very first triathlon sprint (750m swim, 10km bike, 5km run). It took almost 2 years to train and get all the equipment.

What’s your favorite Nudge memory? 

Walking in the office for the first time and seeing people in person.

What unique perspective are you bringing to Nudge?

I like discovering new things, learning about multiple different subjects, and then seeing the bigger picture in their interconnectedness.

What makes Nudge unique?

It connects people and lets them know important information in real time.