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The insights around deskless employee communication that we surfaced in our recently-released Deskless Report have a clear through-line. Deskless workers want more. When we polled 865 deskless workers, 53% of workers said they’re receiving company updates, but 40% said they want more.  36% of workers said they’re receiving updates on products and services, but 32% want more. The same is true of company vision and mandate – while 82% of workers said they have a clear sense of their company’s vision, 63% still want to know more.

When it comes to deskless employee communication, you can’t overshare. Workers are starving for effective, real-time, accessible information. Emphasis on the word effective.

But here’s where we come to one of the many disconnects between deskless workers and leaders that The Deskless Report uncovered. While 86% of leaders feel they’re sending out meaningful, quality communications, workers disagree. In fact, 59% of workers said the communications they receive are somewhat to not-at all useful, which might explain why 40% of workers said they only read the communications sent to them sometimes – or not at all.

For more insights, check out our infographic below! 👇👇👇

And head to our recently-released Deskless Report for a full look at the state of the deskless workforce.


Deskless Employee Communication Infographic | Nudge


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