Exciting news: The Deskless Report 2022 has launched 🎉 Read it here!

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Today is an exciting day for our community: DESKLESS has a new home!  Want to guess where it is….? 

That’s right: Nudge! 📲 🎉

Starting today, the DESKLESS community lives within the Nudge app! Our digital platform was built to help deskless organizations communicate effectively with their frontline staff – and drive better business outcomes as a result. 

We’re so passionate about our platform, we’ve decided to use it for the DESKLESS community! The Nudge app is the place to join the conversation in forums, connect with fellow deskless leaders in our chats, get event announcements, and much more!

How can you join the party? Join DESKLESS! Sign up today and we’ll send you all the details you need to log into Nudge.

Join the DESKLESS community today!