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Today is an exciting day for Nudge. 

Today, we launch a community for you: frontline believers.

Who are frontline believers? We’re talking about deskless and frontline executives that believe in the power of their people. Industry leaders that know there is a better way to enable employees to do their best work, every single day. Until now, these deskless organizations have never had a community to share ideas, address concerns, and gain expert insight into how to set up their workforces for success. Deskless organizations have had to make do with technology, events, and communities that were really created for deskbound workers. 

But today, that changes. Nudge is thrilled to announce DESKLESS: the first-ever community and event series created specifically for deskless and frontline leaders. This fall, we’ll run our inaugural event series, DESKLESS 2021: Spark Sessions. These aren’t your standard B2B webinars or day-long digital conferences. Spark Sessions are part interactive experience, part networking breakout, and part educational session. Think tea tastings paired with industry leaders sharing their secrets. Cooking classes combined with roundtable discussions and demos. These are the events that will transform your workforce. 

Space is extremely limited for these interactive virtual events, so we invite all of our frontline believers to join the waitlist today to get exclusive early access.